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  • International Armoured Vehicles Newsletter Issue 1
  • Armoured Vehicles launches its first monthly newsletter, designed to give you insights into key developments in the armoured vehicles community. With contributions from major military customers and the leading solution providers, we'll highlight some of the major trends and challenges in the sector so you can leverage the lessons others have learned.

  • International Armoured Vehicles Newsletter Issue 2
  • This month's Armoured Vehicles newsletter features latest insights into C4I capabilities for the armoured vehicles community, providing you with key contributions from major leading solution providers.

  • International Armoured Vehicles Newsletter Issue 3
  • In this edition we explore the IED threat and implications for armoured vehicles design and operation. IED attacks have increased approximately 100% in Afghanistan over the last year. In 2009, there were 600 IED attacks outside of Iraq and Afghanistan - many against protected vehicles. The trend is clear, whether on ISAF operations or not, everyone will face the IED threat in the future.

    The role armoured vehicles has to play in countering these devices is explored in our podcast with Scott Blaney from the US Army Centre for Lessons Learned. Here he elaborates on the strengths and vulnerabilities of how we employ armoured vehicles in C-IED operations and how we integrate the lessons from our experiences in the field into updated tactics and technology.

  • International Armoured Vehicles Newsletter Issue 4
  • In the week that the UK MoD has selected Force Protection's Ocelot for a £200 million investment to further protect troops, we follow on from lasts month's exploration of how armoured vehicles can be used in the fight against IEDs. In this edition we look at the continuing evolution of the threat, why it continues to proliferate and how it is being countered.

  • International Armoured Vehicles Newsletter Issue 5
  • In recent issues we've explored the nature of the IED threat. This edition we take an in depth look at one of the very latest and most innovative platforms that offers protection to soliders. Recently selected by the UK MoD to fulfill the Light Protected Patrol Vehicle (LPPV) requirement, Force Protection's Ocelot offers exceptional mobility and survivability within a light weight platform that's easy to deploy, can handle multiple terrains and provide access into urban locations where heavier vehicle types would be unsuitable.

  • International Armoured Vehicles Newsletter Issue 6
  • As last months issue on the Light Protected Patrol Vehicle highlighted, militaries interest in new platforms remains very strong. Alongside survivability, it remains the greatest area of focus for many of our military audience. That's one of the key findings in our survey of the armoured vehicles market that took place over the summer of this year.

  • International Armoured Vehicles Newsletter Issue 7
  • The news that the US Marines will deploy M1A1 Abrams tanks to Afghanistan once again highlights the ongoing debate over the role of heavy armour in counterinsurgency campaigns. Their use alongside other tracked and wheeled vehicles highlights the Commander's requirement for a variety of protected transport and firepower options in current operations. The leading of our 4 articles in this issue examines the merits of using heavy armour in this combat role and the logistics and sustainment challenges that come with deploying such a heavy system.

  • International Armoured Vehicles Newsletter Issue 8
  • As we review 2010, it's certainly been an eventful year. Forces have been under strain both in terms of operations and the constriction of their resources. But as the UK's SDSR showed, the investment in new platforms remains a key priority. It highlights just how crucial survivability and mobility remain on the battlefield. 2011 will no doubt continue to bring many new interesting developments.

  • International Armoured Vehicles Newsletter Issue 9
  • The countdown to International Armoured Vehicles has begun. The world's largest armoured vehicles event is now only 31 days away. With the DVD event now postponed until 2012, International Armoured Vehicles is the ONLY dedicated armoured vehicles event in the UK in 2011. Can you afford to miss it?


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