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Former UK Defence Secretary speaks out on budget cuts and procurement

Bob Ainsworth MP served as Secretary of State for Defence between 2009 – 2010 under Prime Minister Gordon Brown. He talks exclusively to Defence IQ to give his critical take on the recent Strategic Defence Review compiled by the coalition government, the issues the UK must deal with for military procurement, and the challenges he faced in dealing with the most senior level of government and military when it came to making crucial, and often controversial decision concerning the conflict in Afghanistan. This candid interview sheds light on the real obstacles facing the Defence community.

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How the Mbombe takes a different approach to IED protection

Defence IQ speaks to David McDonald Joyce, Business Development Director at Paramount Group, to get some insight into the company’s impressive portfolio of armoured vehicles. Aside to providing an overview of the benefits that the Maverick, Marauder and Matador offer troops downrange, he speaks in detail about the Mbombe APV 6x6 and its unique approach to countering IED blasts which contrasts heavily with the MRAP and other established solutions.

Want to learn more? Paramount will be exhibiting at this year's event!

An exclusive look at the British Ocelot Vehicle

Defence IQ heads to Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedford to get a first hand look at the features of the UK Armed Forces' new patrol vehicle of choice. Developed by Force Protection and Ricardo, and boasting groundbreaking design, the vehicle will soon be replacing the Snatch Land Rover on Afghanistan's frontline.

Singapore Army exploring C-IED options

Lt Col Lim Tong Hai of the Singapore Army speaks with Defence IQ at Counter IEDs 2010 in London. Here, he talks about the growing utilisation of improvised explosive devices - particularly in the technological evolution of the threat. He expresses his concern with keeping up with training and methodology in this expanding field, as well as exposing broad sectors of the miltiary to counter IED basics.

The Future of Army Heavy Vehicles

In order to ensure mission success in OIF/OEF, you must have Army heavy vehicles. Because of terrain differences in Iraq and Afghanistan, though, different require types of vehicles and capabilities are required. In this video from the Heavy Vehicles Summit 2009, COL Barbosa discusses the future for Army heavy vehicles, including the different variants required for mission success.

Focus on C4ISR growth for Elbit Systems

Elbit Systems President and CEO Joseph Ackerman talks about the C4ISR lessons learned from the Second Lebanon War.

Panel Discussion – What will the SDSR mean for Armed Forces Procurement, Equipment and Manpower?

This panel discussion explores an industry and academic perspective on the Strategic Defence and Security Review – with Brigadier Charlie Hobson, an expert in expedition requirements from the UK MoD and Lieutenant Colonel Jim Storr PhD, a specialist in Army doctrinal analysis. They take a look at how the SDSR will address procurement and equipment plans in the light of the new strategic mission – to meet operation requirements in Afghanistan, etc. The debate also addresses the role that land forces play in domestic security against terrorism and how this might change following the SDSR. Another area discussed was how the Review will address the challenge of manpower, recruitment and retention in the face of the operational demands for soldiers today.


Download the Video from the 2010 event

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Download the Video from the 2009 event

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Interview with James Arbuthnot

Podcasts and Webinars

  • Talking TACTIS in 10 minutes: Virtual simulator training for combat vehicles
  • We're joined by Capt. Chris Lukose of the Royal Netherlands Army to discuss the Tactical Indoor Simulation (TACTIS) programme and its benefits for armoured vehicle operators. This huge investment promises long-term savings and boasts the ability to better inform and educate soldiers in a strategically realistic environment. Listen to his 10 minute overview of the developments and challenges.

  • Combating the IED threat with Lt. Gen. Thomas Metz
  • Defence IQ speaks exclusively with the former director of JIEDDO to discuss the developments and challenges inherent in the IED obstacle, taking new approaches to counterinsurgency, and the need for a forward-thinking strategy.

  • Beating the Blast: How MRAPs are defeating the IED problem
  • Scott Blaney, Chief of C-IED at the US Army's Center for Lessons Learned (CALL) discusses in depth the development of the MRAP and M-ATV, from size and fuel issues to effectiveness against various devices. He also talks exclusively on the upcoming MRAP handbook collated by CALL and the US MCoE, due out by the end of 2010 to simplify decision-making for soldiers in theatre.

  • Afghanistan Road Wars: Canadian Forces Write the Book on Armoured Vehicle Employment
  • LCol Alan Bolster of the Canadian DND talks to Defence IQ about the challenges, developments and requirements relating to Canada's future combat vehicles. This includes a detailed overview of the LAV III, long-term plans for replacing the Leopard 2, and an overview of enhancements from survivability through to counter-IED features.

  • Indian Armoured Vehicles: Looking Ahead
  • Defence IQ speaks with Colonel (Rtd) A K Sharma, former armour battalion commander, Dean of the Indian Army’s Faculty of Technical Studies, and editor of the South Asia Defence & Strategic Review. He provides an overview of the Indian Army's current AV fleet, the key capability enhancements being explored, and discusses how past campaigns will be benefiting future operations.

  • Combat Vehicle Modernization: progress and challenges in the US Army
  • Ted Maciuba, Acting Director of Mounted Requirements at the US Army's Manoeuver Center of Excellence based at Fort Knox, provides us with a grasp on some of the aspects relating to the Center's mission and the current trends, challenges and progress taking place in the realm of Combat Vehicle Modernization. He will speaking at our Armoured Vehicles Europe 2010 event in Krakow, Poland this September.

    Unable to listen? Read the full transcript here.

  • Interview with Lt. Gen. Antonio Gucciardino, General Manager of the Procurement Agency for Land Systems of the Italian Army
  • Lt. Gen. Antonio Gucciardino, General Manager of the Procurement Agency for Land Systems of the Italian Army, speaks to us ahead of International Armoured Vehicles 2010 about the decisions being made to upgrade Italy's AVs, recent lessons learned in theatre, and the ever developing capabilities of the VBM Freccia.

  • Jane's Editor and Expert Gives Extensive Overview of Armoured Vehicles Industry
  • Christopher Foss, expert and journalist on the subject of AVs worldwide and editor of several Jane's defense publications, including Armour and Artillery and Defence Weekly, shares his vast knowledge and wisened opinion on the pressing concerns within the industry today. He provides a perspective on the key concerns for development with particular emphasis on survivability, why he considers UORs a "double-edged sword", and how he has found the deployment of UK AVs to have improved over the last two years.

  • Assistant Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Maintenance John B. Johns on Future U.S. Maintenance Programs
  • Given the changing times in defense spending and the current events occurring globally, the Office of the Secretary of Defense has been forced to revamp many forms of spending including maintenance programs. John B. Johns serves as the Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Maintenance, which encompasses the $80 billion program of DOD maintenance. In this podcast Johns talks about future procurement efforts in the DOD’s maintenance program and what’s in store for future Defence spending.

  • MRAP Protection: Proven Under Fire
  • Colonel Peterson serves in one of the United States Army’s most important commands. Joint MRAP Vehicle Program is dedicated to keeping Soldiers and Marines safe in all operational environments. Countering IEDs and EFPs has become one of the United States biggest concerns in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The leaders in the defence industry are developing cutting edge technologies to combat the deadly strikes on American convoys. The Army is paving the way in keeping Soldiers safe with the advantages provided to them by corporations such as DuPont who strive to give our combat troops the tools needed to succeed and survive.


    Colonel Kevin Peterson
    Military Deputy for Joint MRAP Vehicle Program
    Combat Support and Combat Service Support (CS/CSS)

    Tucker Norton
    Global Technology Manager for the Ballistic Threat

  • Dr. John Nagl of the Center for a New American Security Talks About Counterinsurgency Operations
  • The United States Military and coalition forces have battled an insurgent force in Iraq and Afghanistan since the beginning of combat operations in both theatres. The insurgency has forced an operational dichotomy in how forces go about their combat operations. Forces must now interact with a local populace while simultaneously seeking and destroying an enemy heavily embedded within the same population the forces are set to protect. The type of conflict that is being fought has been called by many a low-intensity type given the environment and operational tempo of many engagements.

    Counterinsurgency is now the name of the game in both combat theatres as coalition forces have been able to learn as they go in the insurgency fight, and the need for forces to act in civil affairs roles has become increasingly important now in Afghanistan. The recent successes in Iraq have proven the counterinsurgency methods that U.S. and coalition forces have adapted.

    Dr. John Nagl (Lieutenant Colonel, USA Ret.) served in Iraq in 2003 as the operations officer for Task Force 1-34 Armor in the Sunni Triangle. At the time, the American military in combat operations was quickly learning on the fly the need for counterinsurgency operations. The hard fact of the matter was that the U.S. Army had been training in a conventional mindset and was not adequately prepared to act in a counterinsurgency role. However, given the adaptable leadership of U.S. officers and non-commissioned officers, the stability operations and insurgent hunting operations became forefront in their minds. Listen as Dr. Nagl talks about his book Learning to Eat Soup with a Knife and how he helped co-author the U.S. Army and Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Field Manual

  • Lieutenant General Sir John Kiszely on the UK's Ground Combat Vehicle Initiatives
  • The United Kingdom has become one of the most adaptable fighting forces today. Key lessons learned in counterinsurgency operations in the Malayan peninsula and Ireland have given senior leaders the ability to adapt, change and overcome a given threat. This has also been seen in both Operation Enduring and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

    The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has fielded thousands of Soldiers and Royal Marines to combat zones with the latest technological advances in modern weaponry and equipment. This applies to both the ground combat equipment and the ever important vehicle community that supports those dismounted. The growing and ever present threat by Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and an even bigger threat from Explosively Formed Penetrators (EFPs) have forced allied nations to shift their ground vehicle strategy.

    The British Army has brought to the fight the Land Rover Snatch, Vector, Viking ATV, Mastiff 2, Panther and most recently the Husky and Wolfhound vehicles. Partnered with vehicle casualties in Iraq, development and production has come a great way in terms of protecting the precious cargoes.

    Lt General Sir John Kiszely knows the threat to sons and daughters of the United Kingdom better than any. Having served as the Deputy Commander of Multi National Force Iraq (MNFI Iraq) to General David Petraeus his experience spans decades in multiple conflicts. An outspoken supporter of improving the UK’s armoured vehicle fleet, Lt. Gen. Kiszely speaks in this podcast about the absolute need for change and adaptation to the threat with the increased design and protection for the armoured vehicle community.

  • Brigadier General Yaron Livnat, Head of Tank Programme Management, Israeli MoD
  • Brigadier General Yaron Livnat, Head of Tank Programme Management at the Israeli MoD, joins us for an interview to discuss his work with the department and his views on the Army's latest armoured vehicles. He describes the key challenges of developing these AVs, focusing particular attention on the recent performance of the Merkava Namer, its battlefield management system and a future upgrade of its active protection system. He also tells us of his efforts to adapt tanks for widely varying terrain and the lessons his team have learned from the Lebanon War.

  • Richard Ogorkiewicz
  • Renowned expert and scholar in the field of armoured vehicles, Professor Richard Ogorkiewicz shares his time with us to answer questions on the recent development of AVs, the need for a manned front line, and the chances of overcoming the challenges that have, so far, proved insurmountable, all ahead of International Armoured Vehicles 2010 - February 1-5, London.

  • Dr. Jim Storr presents a summary of the theories and ideas related to warfare and to armoured vehicles as outlined in his new book
  • Dr. Jim Storr, an expert on military thought and AV technology, and a 25 year veteran as an infantry officer, talks with us about the importance of military psychology testing, writing for Army doctrine, and the development of modern armoured vehicles. His new book "The Human Face of War" is available now and we have copies to be given away to two of our listeners who download this podcast directly. Winners to be announced on 25th January 2010.

    Read the transcript


land Land Fighting Power: How UK Land Forces Must Fight - An Agile Warrior

In recent decades global security has been less predictable and, in many respects, more challenging. The way in which military force is applied, particularly on land, has become similarly complex. As warfare changes, so too must an Army: AGILE WARRIOR is an Army programme to inform that change.

IED_investment MRAP and JIEDDF get huge boost from US Congress

The United States Congress has given the go-ahead to invest $7 billion into the ongoing efforts to mitigate the threat of IEDs in Afghanistan, primarily on the deployment of recently designed armoured vehicle platforms.

oshkosh Oshkosh Awarded $255 Million Contract For M-ATV Ambulance Variants Vehicles headed to Afghanistan under JUONS

Oshkosh Corp. was recently awarded a $255 million contract to deliver 250 ambulance variants of its Mine Resistant Ambush Protected All-Terrain Vehicle…

Modern-Protection-for-Combat-Vehicles-part-1 Modern Protection for Combat Vehicles Part 1

After the evaluation of combat missions, combat vehicles, whether wheeled or tracked, and equipped with armour against the respective threats, are in great demand. In particular, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan showed that critical situations could often be mastered only with the use of heavy combat vehicles. The terrorist all-around threat requires heavy all-around protection in order to be sufficiently protected against attacks.

Modern-Protection-for-Combat-Vehicles-part-2 Modern Protection for Combat Vehicles Part 2

Part 2 of Modern Protection for Combat Vehicles article. An armour solution that can be stacked in transport containers, transported by helicopter, and mines has been developed for driving cabs of transport and engineering vehicles. If required, the segments can be exchanged by soldiers without special tooling and not exclusively by the contractors. The partly dismountable driving cabs reduce procurement, user, and transport costs while providing high operational mobility.

Battle-tanks-in-Afghan-Article-Nov2010 US battle tanks roll into Afghanistan – and out of Russia

General David Petraeus has approved the deployment of US battle tanks to Afghanistan in an effort to hit insurgency harder and with fewer close-range casualties, as Russia strike an agreement with NATO on transporting AVs to the region.

GCV-delay---Article---Nov10 New proposal for US Ground Combat Vehicle imminent

The $40bn US ground combat vehicle (GCV) will see its updated Request for Proposals (RFP) within days, putting progress for the back in motion.

download-Army-Officials-Say-Service-Committed-To-Humvee-Recapitalization-In-FY-11 Humvee Recapitalization in FY-11

Inside the Army, Nov. 1, 2010 - Top Army acquisition officials said last week that the service remained committed to starting a competitive humvee recapitalization program during fiscal year 2011.

download-UK-and-France-to-Share-Joint-Military-StrategyBritain-France Treaty

A new strategic treaty has been signed, declaring the establishment of close military co-operation between the UK and France in the coming years. President Nicolas Sarkozy met with Prime Minister David Cameron at a London Summit to cement what has been called a “practical” partnership.

MRAP developments C-IED Challenge with Lt. Gen. Thomas Metz

General Metz enlisted in the US Army in 1966, launching a military career that took him from his birthplace at Elkin, North Carolina, to the directorship of the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organisation (JIEDDO), of which he handed over command at the end of last year upon his retirement. He talks exclusively to Defence IQ on the subject of the rise in the IED activity and measures being taken to counter the threat.

MRAP developments Plans for a flying armoured vehicle get off the ground

The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is moving ahead with its research into the potential development of a flying armoured car to transport soldiers on the frontline by 2015. Further information on this article can be found at the Armed Forces International website by following this link -

MRAP developments MRAP developments

Scott Blaney, Chief of C-IED at US Center for Army Lessons Learned, gives Defence IQ a comprehensive overview of the performance of MRAP vehicles in Afghanistan and Iraq, and provides insight into the brand new MRAP Handbook being released in October 2010.

Demand climbs for armoured recovery vehicles Demand climbs for armoured recovery vehicles

With the sharp emergence of Mine Resistant Ambush Patrol (MRAP) vehicles being deployed by U.S. forces in Afghanistan, along with an increase in armoured vehicle orders across all coalition forces, the need for emergency recovery has risen in kind.

C4I gaining focus for modern soldier-vehicle bond USMC Cougar survivability upgrade begins

The United States Marine Corps has awarded Force Protection Industries Inc. with an existing $64.1 million upgrade contract to revamp its seating on the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) programme’s Cougar vehicle.

C4I gaining focus for modern soldier-vehicle bond C4I gaining focus for modern soldier-vehicle bond

Soldiers across Europe are placing increasing significance on modernization systems that will allow individual troops to be fully integrated into the wider battlespace network.

How motorsport can benefit armoured vehicles How motorsport can benefit armoured vehicles

Technology used by Formula One (F1) racing cars is being explored for its potential benefit to troops operating armoured vehicles in theatre.

US Army tanks explore green fuel-cell technology US Army tanks explore green fuel-cell technology

The United States military has announced that efforts to provide its armoured vehicles with non-petroleum based fuel-cells are making progress.

UK continues to add weight to armoured vehicle fleet UK continues to add weight to armoured vehicle fleet

UK forces can expect to see a further expansion of their armoured vehicle contingent as the government announced this month that it had signed off a £500m Scout reconnaissance vehicle deal with General Dynamics, just weeks after inking two other major vehicle deals.

Vehicle maintenance lessons from the Czech Army Vehicle maintenance lessons from the Czech Army

Jaromir Mares, Director of Logistics at the Czech Defence University in Brno, tells us what he believes is important to be aware of when repairing vehicles, how the Czech Army coordinates its maintenance strategy, and why NATO partners must do more to standardize equipment.

Industry Papers and Brochures

Collective-NBC-Filtration,-Blast-Protection-&-Isolation-Chambers Collective NBC - Filtration Systems for Vehicles
Collective-NBC---Filtration-Systems-for-Vehicles Collective NBC Filtration, Blast Protection & Isolation Chambers
The Armoured Vehicles Market 2010-2020 The Armoured Vehicles Market 2010-2020
download-Force-Protection-Border-SecurityWESCAM-Force Protection Border Securtiy EOIR Systems

L-3 WESCAM offers a family of Stabilized Multi-Sensor EO/IR Systems, providing layered surveillance for force protection and border security missions. The High Definition (HD) systems provide an all-weather, fully stabilized, day/night 360° ability to detect, identify, locate, and track threats at various standoff ranges. Multiple systems deployed in layered ranges and overlapping fields of view, allow continuous networked coverage and threat hand-off between sensors. This affords uninterrupted surveillance of borders, forward operating bases, airfields and other vital assets.

download-Ground-Combat-EO-IR-Systems WESCAM-Ground Combat-EOIR Systems

L-3 WESCAM offers a family of Ground Combat EO/IR Systems scaleable to specific vehicle platforms. The High Definition (HD) systems provide an all-weather, fully stabilized, day/night 360° ability to conduct reconnaissance, surveillance, and above-armor targeting missions.

Development-brochure Encrypted Data Storage Solutions from Stonewood

Compendium by Armada Brochuree Compendium by Armada Brochure

Terma BMS-Flex Brochure Terma BMS-Flex Brochure

Terma BMS-Flex Powerpoint Presentation Terma BMS-Flex Powerpoint Presentation

Vehicle maintenance lessons from the Czech Army IFS White Paper - Fleet Management in Defence

Vehicle maintenance lessons from the Czech Army IFS Brochure - Land Capability Management

2009 Conference Presentations

Evaluating Contracting for Availability in the Context of Through Life Capability Management (TLCM)

Evaluating Contracting for Availability in the Context of Through Life Capability Management (TLCM)

Jeremy Smith, Cranfield University, Defence College of Management and Technology

Many support solutions - those which are new and innovative as well as those which are long-established - reflect a traditional view of capability as being embodied in a particular system or equipment. However, Through Life Capability Management (TLCM) requires the planning and managing of every aspect of military capability coherently, taking a whole system approach across all the Defence Lines of Development (DLOD) and employing capability tradeoffs, balancing procurement versus support. This raises a number of issues in how to Contract for Availability.

Equipment Availability Programme Issues: Maximising Availability in Theatre of Operations

Equipment Availability Programme Issues: Maximising Availability in Theatre of Operations

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Colonel Thomas J. Temple, Director, Land Equipment Program Staff, Canadian DND

A number of nations have troops deployed in the war against terrorism. The Canadian DND’s mission is clearly to achieve success while providing the best protection possible to their soldiers in those theatres of operation. Equipment plays a clear role in the mission. Providing support to the equipment, including adapting the equipment to the environment and the threats, presents unique challenges. Sharing experiences helps to do it better and faster.

The Contemporary Operating Environment and the Future Security Environment: their Impact On Canada's Army Equipment Plan

The Contemporary Operating Environment and the Future Security Environment: their Impact On Canada's Army Equipment Plan

Lieutenant General Andrew Leslie, Chief of Land Staff, Canadian DND

Benefit from a detailed understanding of how Canada's military operations in the midst of a counter-insurgency, which include conventional combat operations, reconstruction and development efforts and indigenous security forces development, are contributing to the identification and definition of requirements for its Land Force, whilst also informing its Army of Tomorrow (2021) development. It will inform a discussion with its military partners and provide to the industry an insight into current and emerging requirements.

The Future of Light & Medium Armour in the Land Operational Environment for the South African Army

The Future of Light & Medium Armour in the Land Operational Environment for the South African Army

Brigadier General Chris Gildenhuys, Commanding Officer, South African Armour Formation, South African Army

Brigadier General Gildenhuys joined the Army in 1975 and saw operational service in Angola and Namibia as an armoured car troop commander and combat team commander. In 1989, he successfully completed the Senior Command and Staff Course and in 2000 attended the Executive National Security Programme. From 1990 to 1993, he commanded an operational armoured car regiment and from 1994 to 1996, the School of Armour. He was appointed as Defence and Military Attaché to the United States from 1997 to 1999. On 1 January 2000, he was appointed in his current post and is responsible for providing combat-ready armour forces.

The Brazilian Army's New Medium Armoured Vehicle

The Brazilian Army's New Medium Armoured Vehicle

Part 1
Part 2

Colonel José Carlos Dos Santos, Deputy Programme Manager, VBTP-MR, Armoured Personnel Transport Vehicle, Brazilian Army

Colonel Santos has been working with Armoured Vehicles since becoming a Mechanical Engineer in 1989. More recently he has worked in the retrofit programme for the M 41, URUTU and CASCAVEL Vehicles. Having worked with the LEOPARD 1A1 programme he then joined the VBTP-MR programme.

MRAP: Results, Observations & Lessons

Col Kevin Peterson, Principal Deputy Program Manager, Joint MRAP Vehicle Program, US Army

As the Army’s Project Manager for the Mine Resistant Ambush Protection (MRAP) Vehicle Program, Colonel Peterson is responsible for urgent procurement, integration and fielding MRAP vehicles to combat units in Iraq and Afghanistan. Prior to this role he served as the Chief of Staff and Executive Officer, Combat Support and Combat Service Support, and as Product Manager, Light Tactical Vehicles when he was responsible for the production of Up-Armoured HMMWV and Armoured Security Vehicles in Warren Michigan.

DSTL Analysis of Equipment Support: Vehicle Support Assessment Study

Jon Richards, Study Leader, Tactical Logistic Analysis Team, DSTL, UK MoD
Major Bob Todd, SO2 CSS2 (Combat Service Support), DSTL, UK MoD

The Vehicle Support Assessment Study uses Operational Analysis to assess the requirements for replacing a repair capability that is going out of service. It assesses the utilisation of the repair capability both in theatre and in the UK, and determines whether the capability is needed, and if so, how best to use it. This presentation concentrates on the method behind modelling the usage of the equipment and their associated repair capabilities. This is from the development of process diagrams of the equipment usage and repair processes within each individual campaign, to the simulation of all supported equipment being utilised and repaired across the duration of multiple campaigns.

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